Santiago de Compostela – why people walk El Camino / The Way

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CAMINO Portuguese Costal (260 km) -Botafumeiro – Guides and planning tools.

Let’s ask Wikipedia what is a pilgrimage 😉  Pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith, although sometimes it can be a metaphorical journey into someone’s own beliefs.

Well, I did it because of curiosity. I wanted to see how is it to walk 260 km and I wanted to walk it with my beloved friend, to get to know him better after 25 years. Also, it seemed to be a nice alternative way of travelling. I always liked to see the “real life” and Camino is the perfect way to see the picturesque little authentic villages, rewarding landscapes and wild forests (still safe enough for all the pilgrims). Last but not least the local inexpensive wine, the pastries and all the vibe. How long does it take to walk the Camino de Santiago? Simple answer it may vary 100-1000 km. There are few most popular and tens of alternative ways to walk the Camino. The most popular is Camino Frances / French Way. Camino Portuguese is popular as well. Here you will find a short and snappy review of the Camino Portuguese Coastal (260 km, from Porto in June 2018 within 11 days) with photos, distances and quite specific information about albergues.

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Meet moto chick Deivia Viira

eng Deivia-Viira tuub fan

Deivia Viira

Motorcycle enthusiast, nail artist and trainer


TUUB’s comfortable, and it’s easy to combine with other clothes. I can wear it with heels, flip-flops or sneakers.

Moreover, it enhances my figure while being pretty and presentable at the same time. Plus it takes up next to no space in your bag, and never gets creased. Thanks to TUUB, I once rode my motorcycle to the club (during my clubbing days ;)), took off my riding gear, rolled the TUUB that I was wearing underneath it out into a dress, all the while getting some curious glances, put on my heels and voila, the party could start!

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Meet travel fanatic Helgi

eng Helgi-TUUB-fan

HELGI (68) Travel fanatic, a burst of energy, owner of many TUUBs

Why do you like TUUB?

I enjoy TUUB because it’s original, practical and skin-friendly. Most importantly I feel sexy in my TUUB, it brings out my curves nicely. When i walk around in town, I notice heads turn, and this pleases me! Also I love back-packing, so TUUB helps keep the load lighter.

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Meet YAHNAdancer aka Jaana Hansman


JAANA (33) Dancer, foodie, mom, big fan of TUUB 

Why do you like TUUB?

I enjoy TUUB because it’s easy to wear and style! My favourite is the black TUUB, since i can combine it with anything. Adding sneakers you get a casual look. With heals you get a more classy and elegant style. And it’s perfect for traveling! TUUB is easy to pack and wear according to the occasion and weather – dress, skirt, blouse, beachwear, casual-wear, up-scale look, quickly ready to wear.

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Meet the ultimate fan of travel & adventure!

eng KristinaHerodes tuub fan

KRISTINA HERODES – travel light with TUUB

We asked few questions from the big traveller, adventure journalist, the ultimate TUUB fan Kristina Herodes.

Why do you like TUUB?

TUUB is not just a clever fashion piece that can be worn in a hundred ways. It’s got character! With a rebel soul, it does not care for the rules but rather makes its own. That’s what I love about it! I instantly connected with the character of my first TUUB, and now I own 11 of them. I wear them absolutely everywhere. One thing is for sure – I never travel without my TUUB! You have a dress, skirt, shirt, scarf, hat, and a bathing suit – all in one. Comfort is essential when travelling. Some clothes itch and wrinkle and demand your attention in many other ways. TUUB will never do that – just throw it in a bag and it will still feel like a warm hug the next time you wear it. Another thing I like about TUUB is that it looks good on any shape – it is never too tight or unsuitable for your body type. Simply toss it on and it will say: you are perfect the way you are.

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The Ultimate Camino Packing List

camino pisipilt Buen camino

The Way. El Camino. The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is a journey everyone should take at least once in a lifetime! You can meet many fascinating souls on the way and it will allow you to have introspective time with yourself and the universe. Combo bonus: rewarding little villages and local life you will never see when visiting Spain and Portugal as a “normal” tourist. Continue reading “The Ultimate Camino Packing List”