Meet travel fanatic Helgi

eng Helgi-TUUB-fan

HELGI (68) Travel fanatic, a burst of energy, owner of many TUUBs

Why do you like TUUB?

I enjoy TUUB because it’s original, practical and skin-friendly. Most importantly I feel sexy in my TUUB, it brings out my curves nicely. When i walk around in town, I notice heads turn, and this pleases me! Also I love back-packing, so TUUB helps keep the load lighter.

TUUB casual
TUUB on elegantne igas eas
When not to wear TUUB?

I can’t find a single reason when I couldn’t wear the TUUB…

Helgi and TUUB Hard Rock camp Estonia
TUUB on praktiline riietus
TUUB seljasoojendaja ja vahelüli
What makes makes you happy?

Happy? Does this question have something to do with TUUB? A man who also loves TUUB makes me happy:)

Anu ja HElgi tuubidega
Hard Rock laagris Helgi
Helgi TUUBid kuivavad
How do you like to travel?

I don’t do some kind of beach-or hotel package trip. I travel because I’m curious. I prefer nature and adventurous trips, therefor I like to arrange my own trip.

My big favourite is Africa, where me and my husband have been hiking a lot. In Africa we have visited a dozen countries. Still with this wilder wildlife and animals, it calls back…

Amazonas in South-America  call me back…..the nature and people over there.

Also Italy Tuscany enchants landscapes and small towns take my breath away.

Helgi ja TUUBid Aadria mere ääres

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