What is TUUB

TUUB is a capsule wardrobe key item, a sustainable concept that helps to keep your wardrobe simple, yet stylish and functional. TUUB introduces three environment and skin friendly new era materials – superfine merino wool, sustainable Tencel made of eucalyptus tree and recycled polyamide produced of old fish nets.  All healthy, lightweight and easy to care, or make a long story short – modern as hell and soft as heaven.  In order to have a fine finish and embrace yourself more tenderly, TUUB is made of double fabric, so no transparency – only comfort. 


TUUB is a minimalistic strapless tube top. Simple, yet amazingly multifunctional!

TUUB is a quality product for nosy fashionistas as well as light travellers. Comes in handy during pregnancy and nursing. A smart gift idea.  Travelling light was the motto in mind when creating TUUB. It’s also an emergency item. A simple garment you can mix and match with your wardrobe or wear independently. Why not wear two or three TUUBs together? We think it is wise to have a TUUB in your purse for the many situations that travelling (read: life) may manifest:

When TUUB comes in handy

 TUUB is designed and manufactured in Estonia. It’s shipped in a lovely tube-package made of recycled cardboard in Sweden. So the total carbon footprint is quite small and we love it, dare say, we are proud of it.